Minimum Page Require For A Website

Designing a web need a lot of drafting. Before script the code. It’s better for you to sketch a out the design on paper. Determine how many content need to put in. Drafting your Sterrific Web Design make your life easier. You can easily know the placement of everything. Its okay if the design that you draft will not be the same. To determine the page needed, you must write out the content on paper. Easy way to do it by make a bullet form or a graph. This will convert to your navigation bar. This is what usually web designer do. Make the back bone of your website.

It will ease up your work when you want to design the navigation bar. If you an independent web designer. You will do everything by yourself, so this part is the crucial part. Usually minimum page is 3, but it will be different depending on what website you designed for. If Sterrific a website for a campaign. You need only 4 page, that contains about us, homepage, gallery and contact us page. These are the minimum. The most important page to have is a page that give out is the contact page. As if a visitor are interested to join or apply what your campaign, this info is what they need.

Thanks to Web Design Malaysia, you don’t need to stress ourselves. They will take care of everything.

If you making an online portfolio to display all your work. You need to have a specific page for every single page in category of your work. For example, if you are a photographer display your photo according to what the subject is. Photography has a lot category like editorial, wedding, and product photography. This can make your potential client hired you. You have a very organized portfolio and easy for client to see as reference.

Gallery page is now becoming a trend to link it with social media account. This can make your gallery page frequent update. Every time you post anything on social media it will appear on you gallery page. With this current trend don’t forget about the quality of every pictures and video. Even you post it on social media you need to post a very high definition image and video.

You don’t need that much page if. If talking about page not about quantity, it’s the quality. The more organized your website is, the less cluttered the content it will be. Don’t become excited towards want to be organized. There’s a layout that don’t require you to have a page. Parallax a web layout that just scrolled downward to specific part.

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